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Polar Mins (8 fl oz) Liquid by Premier Research Labs

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Dietary Supplement
Polar Mineral Concentrate
fromPure Austrailian Ocean Water

Promotes Whole-Body Mineral Health

8 fl oz / bottle

Minerals are essential for good health since the body cannot produce them minerals must be consumed in the diet. Polar Mins is a broad spectrum liquid concentrate of raw oceanic minerals. It contains an electrochemically charged source of minerals obtained from pure Australian Ocean water.

This unique mineral product is derived by a proprietary sun-evaporation process from pure Australian ocean water which reduces sodium levels, leaving the perfect mineral concentrate for outstanding mineral support.

*NOTE: Polar Mins provides solely natural ingredients and does not have standardized, mined minerals added to it. It is assayed from batch to batch to provide the amount of naturally occurring minerals occurring in this pristine South Pacific seawater concentrate.

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