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Olive Leaf Immune™ (60 caps) by Premier Research Labs

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Olive Leaf Immune™

Premier Quality, 100% Italian Olive Leaf Extract

Dietary Supplement
Olive Leaf Extract Formula Min. 18% Oleuoprein
Immune and Cardiovascular System Support

Features genuine Italian olive leaf extract. Effective support for the immune system, pancreas, kidneys, uric acid levels, brain and cardiovascular health.

60 capsules / bottle

Powerfully Supports & Strengthens Immune System!
Degrades organisms of all types, without harming the normal flora. Effective against Giardia, Chlamydia, Fungi (such as Candida), yeast, Clostridium, Helicobacter, viruses, etc.

In addition, studies on Olive Leaf Extract have shown tremendous benefits for promoting healthy blood pressure, smooth blood flow and encouraging overall cardiovascular health. Anecdotal benefits of olive leaf extract also include help for skin concerns, fatigue, lungs, kidneys and much more.
This is the original European Non-hybrid Olive Leaf Extract (Olea europaea L.). It comes from Italy, grown in the Italian countryside, not near polluted cities or smog; in rich soil without pesticides or artificial fertilizers

Olive leaf extract features the naturally occurring phytonutrient, oleuropein, a phenolic glucoside. The olive leaf extract used in this formula contains the high concentration of oleuropein (minimum 18% oleuropein).

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