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EarthWrappe™ Full Body (24” x 70”; 200 watts) by Premier Research Labs

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A therapeutic thermal heating pad with infrared heating elements and rose granite discs; great for use before and during mudpacks.

Soothing Infrared Heat for Stress and Pain Relief

Imagine yourself, for a moment, basking comfortably in the warm sun. It feels like it goes all the way into your bones. Feels great, right?

Heat is therapeutic. It promotes relaxation and healthy circulation so your body can focus on repair. However, most heating pads, saunas, hot tubs and hot water bottles can be way too hot for some people and provide only superficial heat, which doesn't reach aching joints or sore muscles and ligaments.

Far infrared heat penetrates deep beneath the subcutaneous tissues. The sun emits invisible infrared rays (those soothing rays we love to bask in), which are considered the safe and beneficial and do not burn or damage the skin like UV rays.

The EarthWrappe (regular size) from Premier Research Labs is a direct, far infrared heating pad with rose granite discs that helps relax tight muscles and soothe aches and joint pains with gentle, deep penetrating heat.

About the Earthwrappe Pad:

Unlike typical heating pads which may get too hot to touch, this infrared mat does not heat the air around it and will feel warm to the touch. When placed against the body, the infrared waves penetrate up to 3 inches into the body to help soothe deep muscle aches, stiffness and joint pain while promoting microcirculation.

Infrared heat works by resonance. The infrared waves convert from invisible light waves to heat waves when they meet water molecules in your tissues. The cells and tissues begin to resonate with the infrared waves and a feeling of warmth is produced.


  • Delivers direct far infrared heat up to 3 inches into the body to help temporarily relieve deep muscle tension and joint pain
  • Rose granite stone discs help distribute infrared heat evenly
  • Helps promote relaxation and stress relief
  • May help relieve muscle strains, sprains, tension and stiffness
  • Emits negative ions - may cleanse air and boost mood
  • May aid detoxification - suitable for use with castor oil packs
  • May help support blood circulation
  • May support the immune system
  • May help inhibit bacterial growth
  • May help reduce fatigue


  • Far infrared heating pad with genuine rose granite discs for uniform heat distribution and negative ion production
  • Dimensions: 20 inches long x 14 inches wide
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • 12 ft. power cord
  • May be used on top of or beneath body - soft format allows pad be draped over desired area (always place at least 1 layer of cloth or a towel between pad and skin)

Suggested Use for EarthWrappe:

Remember, it's only when we relax that our body can start to renew and repair itself. But not everyone has the time to book a stay - or even an appointment - at a spa and most people find it easier to relax in the comfort of their own home.

The EarthWrappe can be used at your convenience in the home or at the office (or anywhere else you can plug it in) to help release tension, reduce stress, and relieve sore muscles and achy joints while supporting detoxification and whole-body health. Order yours today for deep relief.

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