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Sunlight Exposure

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Sunlight Exposure


Sunlight is your most important source of vitamin D.  90% of the vitamin D in the body comes from sun exposure.  Three 20 minute sessions of full body exposure is theminimum sunlight exposure we need each day.  Those with dark skin or of asian descent need even more exposure.  Early in the morning between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m., we receive the finest and most beneficial frequencies of the sun.  Exposing more of the body, especially the mid-section, will help increase your absorption of vitamin D.  The best thing to do during that time is garden.  The frequencies of the plants in your environment will greatly benefit the inhabitants of your home.  Sunlight exposure can help promote weight loss, balance insulin, increase sex hormones, lower cholesterol and increase energy. If your D3 levels are low and you're having trouble getting the sunlight you need, Premier's D3 Serum can help increase your levels and provides targeted immune and cardiovascular support.

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