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Premier Research Labs CardioVen Promotes Cardiovascular Health

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CardioVen is a targeted nutraceutical formula that promotes premier cardiovascular health. 

Premier Research Labs CardioVen features Coenzyme Q10 and olive leaf extract for optimal support of cardiovascular health.  

CoQ10 has been shown to reduce Follicle Stimulating Hormone and increase sperm motility.  Elevated FSH levels are an indication of subfertility and/or infertility.  CoQ10 appears to be quite strongly effective for reducing symptoms of fibromyalgia and is associated with a protective effect on blood flow and endothelial function in persons with otherwise impaired function.  CoQ10 is depleted by the use of statin drugs.

CoQ10, at 300mg daily for 24 weeks, was able to improve erection quality and reduce pain associated with erections in persons with Peyronie's Disease and was able to reduce disease progression as well as improve penile curvature and plaque in a good deal of the experimental group.



Premier Research Labs CardioVenStudies show that olive leaf extract can effect oxidative changes to DNA, which can be measured in the urine or in white blood cells. Reductions in DNA damage from antioxidant supplements are thought to reduce the risk of cancer development and mutations.  Olive leaf extract may also decrease LDL and increase insulin sensitivity in the diabetic.


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