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Adaptogen-R3: Why we take it ourselves….

Posted by Amor Sui on

Rhodiola is a nordic/russian herb that has traditionally been used as a vitality enhancing and physical preserving agent.

Rhodiola has also sometimes been used to counteract cognitive decline and physical fatigue.  Tyrosol and salidrosides are the main bioactive components in rhodiola and have been shown to accelerate the rate of nerve healing.  Rhodiola also appears to be effective, either acutely or with daily supplementation, for reducing perceived fatigue and the subsequent impairment to cognition that results from fatigue in otherwise healthy persons subject to stress or a high workload. 












Rhodiola is a key player for balancing stress in our Adaptogen-R3 formula which derives it’s name from the adaptogenic herbs that comprise it. Evidence shows Rhodiola appears to regulate the interaction between stress and appetite, reduces depressive symptoms and it is thought that rhodiola may reduce anxiety by increasing serotonin levels. 

When taken regularly, adaptogenic herbs help the body to adapt to many different stressors. We often think of stress as being related to our daily lives, work, relationships, financial strain, etc.  However, our bodies are also dealing with stress from environmental toxins such as heavy metals, air pollution, unbalanced meals, radiation and much more. Adaptogenic herbs have been used for centuries to help decrease the harmful effects of stress. Some of the key adaptogenic herbs in our Adaptogen R-3 are rhodiola rosea, eleuthero, organic ashwagandha, American ginseng and prickly pear.  Adaptogens in general, but particularly rhodiola, appear to be involved with promoting longevity.






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